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Flexible cracking putty


Flexible cracking putty

Uses: Filling of various cement walls, renovation of old walls, and insulation layers

Inorganic gelling materials, imported dispersible powders, aggregates, and various admixtures are prepared by premixing and dry mixing. When used, they can be mixed with water in a certain proportion. The product has the advantages of convenient construction and high bonding strength. Outstanding flexibility and impact strength, waterproof breathable performance is very good.

Uses: Filling of various cement walls, renovation of old walls, and insulation layers


Feature Description

1. Extremely strong adhesion, excellent attachability, no cracking for long-term use.

2. No shrinkage in the drying process, good leveling performance.

3. Random scratches, excellent construction.

4. Extremely waterproof, long-term water will not peel off. High anti-alkali function, can prevent the precipitation of alkaline substances.

5. It is an excellent base for various coatings.


Technical indicators

Item Technical indicators
In the container No lump, uniform after mixing
Construction Brush two barrier-free
Initial dry crack resistance(6h) No crack
Drying time (dry),h ≤5
Water resistance,96h No abnormality
Alkali resistance,48h No abnormality
Water absorption ≤2



Powder: Water = 3:1, stir with an electric drill mixer. Adjusted putty must be used within one hour. In the course of use, if there is thickening of putty, water may be added in appropriate amounts, and the thickness of scraping may be thin and many times. The amount of 2--3 kg per square is used.

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