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Waterborne architectural coatings

Water-based fluorocarbon coating

The walls of various buildings requiring long-term protection are particularly suitable for wall surfaces in wet and foggy areas and coastal areas.

After many years of research, Disheng R&D Center has successfully developed waterborne fluorocarbon super-weatherable fluorocarbon coatings based on water-borne fluorocarbon resins. It is an ultra-durable waterborne coating for professional building walls.

Its most typical feature is

A water-based fluorocarbon coating with 20-year durability not only has more than 20 years of durability, but also is more conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation due to its water solubility, and its cost is correspondingly more economical.

Mainly applicable

The walls of various buildings requiring long-term protection are particularly suitable for wall surfaces in wet and foggy areas and coastal areas.


Performance characteristics

(1) Long-term weather resistance: The fluorine-containing paint has excellent outdoor weather resistance. C-F Health's ultra-high bond energy gives the coating a very strong chemical stability and therefore has excellent UV degradation resistance and super weather resistance.

(2) Excellent stain resistance: Due to the dense molecular structure of fluorinated coating, it is determined that the coating film is hard and the surface energy is low. At the same time, the induced voltage on the surface of the paint film (with high resistivity) is not likely to cause static electricity, and it is extremely strong Stained and extremely hydrophobic.

(3) Ideal scrub resistance: The dense coating film feels smooth, and the surface attachments can be rinsed with clean water or with a thinner.

(4) Excellent chemical resistance: The fluorine-containing paint formulated with fluororesin has excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance after being cross-linked and cured.

(5) Good salt spray resistance: After 2000h salt spray test, there is no change in the film. This product also has excellent anti-fog and flame retardant properties, making it well suited for wet and foggy climates and coastal areas.


Product features

Water soluble, tri-light, color, two-component.


Item Technical indicators
In the container No lump, uniform after mixing
Construction Brush two barrier-free
Coating appearance Normal
Drying time,h ≤2
Water resistance,96h No abnormality
Alkali resistance,48h No abnormality
Low temperature stability Not deteriorating
Contrast ratio, (white or light color) ≥0.90
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