Self-cleaning nano-toughened enamel paint

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Self-cleaning nano-toughened enamel paint

Self-cleaning nano-toughened enamel paint


Water-based self-cleaning nano-tough-enamel is a kind of nanomaterial with photocatalytic activity, including photocatalytic TiO2 and air catalytic titanium phosphate. TiO2 can absorb a certain wavelength of light, produce free electrons and holes, and make the pollutants adsorbed on the surface of the film REDOX decomposition to remove and kill surface micro-bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. With excellent rain self-cleaning, flexible anti-crack, anti-fouling and anti-algae, acid rain corrosion resistance, climate aging resistance and other excellent performance, self-cleaning resistance of 7%, climate aging resistance >1500h, can be cleaned like glass curtain wall, easier to clean than glass curtain wall.

Mainly applicable: building exterior wall and outdoor facilities protective decoration, as well as exterior wall aluminum-plastic board renovation, exterior wall tile renovation. Self-cleaning tough-glaze coating can maintain long-term self-cleaning and keep the building bright and fresh for a long time.

Its most typical features are:
A water-based self-cleaning nano-toughened enamel with 20-year durability not only has more than 20 years of durability, but also is more conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation because of its water solubility, and the cost is correspondingly more economical.

Functional characteristics
1. Super hydrophilic function: The application of this function can spread the water completely evenly on the glass surface, infiltrate the glass and pollutants at the same time, and finally take away the pollutants attached to the glass through the gravity of the water, and can also play a certain anti-fog role.
2. Photocatalytic function: under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the photocatalyst will have a decomposition effect on organic matter, and does not have any effect on inorganic matter.
3. No light catalytic function: under the action of air catalyst titanium phosphate, even if there is no light, only water and air can play a self-cleaning effect.
4. Unique environmental protection: normal temperature and pressure production, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, water-soluble environmental protection type.
5. Strong adhesion: Strong adhesion to mortar, concrete, stone, asbestos board, wood, metal and other building materials.
6. Excellent high weather resistance: south, north, high and low temperature are applicable. It can also be constructed on the wet base surface, and the antifreeze type can be constructed at a low temperature from 0 degrees to -25 degrees C and stored without deterioration.

Product features: water soluble, three spectral, color.