Water hammer paint

Disheng brand single and double component water hammer paint, suitable for surface protection of large construction machinery, mechanical equipment and other metal components.

Keywords: Architectural coatings


Water hammer paint

Water hammer paint


Construction instructions:
○ Air spraying is recommended to obtain a uniform and good film. Can also be used roller coating, brushing method construction.
○ Stir well before trial product to prevent local chromatic aberration. Each construction interval is not less than 2 hours. There is no need for maximum interval.
○ During the construction process, if you need to reduce the viscosity, add appropriate amount of clean water to dilute it. Do not add too much water. We recommend that the amount of water added should be less than 10%, and the principle of small amount should be followed when diluting.
○ construction temperature ≥ 5 °C, relative humidity ≤ 85%. Special construction environment requirements, such as the temperature of 5 °C below 85 ° high humidity environment, can contact the manufacturer, according to special circumstances, the product is specially deployed.
○ At the end of construction, all appliances should be rinsed immediately with clean water to prevent drying.
○This product is a water-based and environmentally-friendly paint, but we are still responsible for reminding you to avoid inhalation of paint mist. Paint splashed on the skin should be immediately washed with a suitable detergent, soap and water. If splashed into the eyes, please use clean water immediately. Rinse and seek medical attention.
○ The data of this product list is for reference only. The specific data of each project construction shall prevail.