JS Waterproof coating

1, wet surface construction, tough and strong coating. 2, adding pigment can be made into colorful decorative layer. 3, non-toxic, odorless, can be used for food pond water.

Water-based self-cleaning nano-tough-enamel is a kind of nanomaterial with photocatalytic activity, including photocatalytic TiO2 and air catalytic titanium phosphate.

Keywords: Architectural coatings


JS waterproof coating

JS Waterproof coating


Main feature

1, wet surface construction, tough and strong coating.

2, adding pigment can be made into colorful decorative layer.

3, can be used for food pond water.

4, Applicable to the waterproofing of facades and inclined roofs with decorative materials. The construction of facades, slopes and top surfaces can be firmly bonded to various outer materials such as base and facing tiles, roof tiles, and cement mortar.

5, high temperature (140 °C), especially for road and bridge waterproof.

6, adjust the mix, can be made of tile adhesive materials and sealing materials.



Executive standard:GB/T23445-2009

Item Technical
Solid content,%≥ 65
Dry time,h≤ 4
Actual time,h≤ 8
Tensile Strength,Mpa≥ 1.2 1.8
Elongation at break,% 200 80
Low temperature flexibility,℃ -10
Impervious:0.3Mpa,30min 不透水
Impermeability,Mpa≥ -0.6


Scope of application

1, Waterproofing of roofs of industrial and civil buildings.

2, toilet room, kitchen waterproof, moisture-proof project.

3, wall, basement, swimming pool, tanks and other waterproof.

4, the waterproof coating is divided into two types of I and II, usage is different.

①JS-I type is mainly used for large deformation parts such as roofing, basement and so on. Water-based paint, non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, environmentally friendly paint. It can be directly applied to the concrete surface and firmly bonded. Cold construction, more convenient operation, the base layer moisture content is not limited, but the surface of the base layer can not have water, short construction period. Condensation time is short, the next construction process can be carried out after 2 hours of construction. Excellent adhesion.②JS-II type is mainly used for small deformation parts such as exterior walls, toilets, etc. II-type waterproof glue (general-purpose), a polymer multi-polymer copolymer polymerized by advanced technology, is the second-generation waterproof after years of research and development based on the company's leading technical experience in the same industry at home and abroad. product. Applicable to bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor countertops, balconies, pools and walls, wood flooring moisture, roof (non-exposed), especially for large-scale waterproof projects.


Method selection

Method I base surface → base layer → undercoat → top coat

Method II Base → Underlayer → Undercoat → Middlecoat → Topcoat

Method III Base → Underlayer → Undercoat → Nonwoven Layer → Middle Coating → Overcoat


Construction points

1, The base surface should be flat, firm, clean, clear water, no leakage, unevenness and cracks must be leveled first, and the yin and yang angle should be made into an arc angle.

2, accurate ingredients: In strict accordance with the ratio requirements of ingredients, use only when the powder while stirring while slowly adding to the corresponding liquid material, and fully stirred to a uniform and delicate without the mixture of particles.

3, coating methods:

 ① Apply with a roller or brush, layer by layer according to the order of the selected construction method.

 ② If the coating (especially the primer) has precipitate, it should be stirred at any time.

 ③ Coating should be as uniform as possible and cannot be deposited locally.

 ④ The time interval between the layers before the previous layer of dry film does not stick to the hand.

 ⑤ The undercoating, non-woven fabric and middle coat in Construction Method III must be continuously constructed.

4, protective layer and decorative layer construction

The construction of JS-I type protective layer or decorative layer shall be carried out 2 days after the waterproof layer is completed. When sticking blocks (such as floor, tile, mosaic, etc.), the JS waterproof coating shall be turned into putty according to liquid material: powder material = 1:2. Shape, can be used as adhesive. Type JS-II can apply protective layer at the same time in surface layer construction.

5, quality requirements and project inspection

After the construction of the waterproof layer is completed, all parts of the entire project, especially the weak links, shall be inspected carefully, and the problems shall be promptly repaired. The coating shall be free from cracks, edging, bubbling, and stratification.

The impoundment test shall be carried out after the coating is completely dry and in general it will take more than 48 hours and it will take longer in a particularly humid and unventilated environment. After the water in the toilet room was finished, no water leakage was allowed for 24 hours. After the waterproofing of the roof is completed, check whether the drainage system is free from leaks (can be carried out after rain or after 2 hours of constant watering, and the conditional impounded roof can be checked with water for 24 hours).



1, This product is used with cement as JS compound coating liquid material. It can be formulated according to JS waterproof latex: cement = 1:0.5~1. If it feels thick during construction, it can be diluted with water in appropriate amount. Use mechanical agitation as much as possible, and manual agitation must be sufficient, otherwise it is easy to produce construction defects such as dust and bubbles.

2. This product can be directly used to prepare polymer waterproof mortar after adding 2 to 3 times of water to dilute and stir it evenly. When mixing with cement and other solid materials during construction, it must be fully stirred to ensure uniform dispersion.

3, rain, snow, fog or known weather is not good and the temperature below 5 °C can not be constructed.

4, should not be in a particularly humid and ventilated environment, otherwise it will affect the film.

5. The construction room is closed and the construction is completed as soon as possible.

Do not construct below 0°C or in rain. Do not construct in a particularly humid and ventilated environment.


Reference dosage

Usually 1.5-2.0 kg/m2; the actual amount is determined by the use, the location of use, the roughness of the base surface, and environmental factors. For details, please visit the place of purchase.

5 kg/set (1.32 kg liquid +3.68 kg powder), 12 kg/set (3.18 kg liquid +8.82 kg powder), 20 kg/set (5.3 kg liquid material +14. 7 kg powder), 34 kg / Set (9 kg liquid + 25 kg powder)


Storage, Transportation and Packaging

1, wet surface construction, tough and strong coating. 1. The liquid material must be stored in a cool place above 5°C. The powder should be placed in a dry place. Pay attention to moisture, sun protection, shelf life of 6 months.

2, The product powder is packed in a composite bag, and the liquid material is packed in plastic drums.

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