Colorful imitation stone paint

Cement walls, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, ceramic tile, EPS board, FRP, GRC and other cement products can be painted.

Water-based self-cleaning nano-tough-enamel is a kind of nanomaterial with photocatalytic activity, including photocatalytic TiO2 and air catalytic titanium phosphate.

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Colorful imitation stone paint

Colorful imitation stone paint


Disheng Colorful Faux Stone Coating is a high-grade latex coating that is pure water-borne pollution free, rich in granite color texture, and extremely strong polymer element structure. The product is made of high-strength modified latex and imported additives. It is manufactured by the company's core technology and exquisite craftsmanship. The printed products highlight the ancient simplicity and elegance, and the natural texture of the granite texture blends smoothly. The surface is smooth, soft, smooth, and smooth. The coating has high adhesion, no cracking, high weathering resistance and temperature change, high stain resistance, easy cleaning, and strong self-cleaning function. This product is rich in high technology gold content, is a real sense of high-grade decorative paint. The product's color is more realistic and durable, and the perfect color matching system can create a variety of color matching color samples according to the customer's requirements, achieving almost the same effect as the original stone, and fully highlighting the noble qualities of granite. Effectively solve the shortcomings of the previous simulation of the real stone paint low performance, poor dirt resistance.

Construction is simple: the substrate cleaning → repair → gratification → back cover → sub-grid → block → inkjet → uncover film → correction → cover.


Wide range of applications

◆ Applicable to high-rise buildings, building halls, apartments and other building exterior walls, is to achieve the effect of granite luxury decoration, construction is also particularly simple and high-grade decorative materials;

◆ Applicable to high-grade landscaping decoration of garden products such as garden sculptures, statue models, architectural pillars, colored fences, etc., easily giving elegant rock style.

◆ Exterior wall insulation brings trouble to the decoration, and it is difficult to reliably perform dry hanging or veneering at the level of loose foam. Colorful stone-like paint is the preferred product for direct matching finish construction.

◆ The old tile wall is in urgent need of renovation. Printing colorful stone-like paint is the best choice for an existing house renovation project to effectively reduce the building load and achieve luxurious decoration in one step.

◆ High-end technology attracts worldwide attention. For the coating, wallboard, craftwork, decoration, real estate and other industries wide open a series of boutique design new ideas and deepen the development of new opportunities.


Advantage sharing

★ Safe and secure. Colorful stone-like paint, coating weight only accounts for 51% of the stone, fundamentally free of the worry that the dry hanging of the stone is a serious danger to life and property.

★ impermeable and stain resistant. Colorful stone-like paint, flexible and elastic crack resistance, surface slippery impermeability, can completely avoid the hidden leaks due to gaps between stone, tile and other veneer materials.

★ beautiful atmosphere. Colorful stone-like paint can retain the natural texture of natural stone, and can also create more exquisite effects, thus overcoming the dullness of the traditional stone pattern.

★ Simple and casual. The colorful stone-like paint can be freely sprayed on the curved surface of the pillars, various special shapes, and special shapes, so as to easily solve the construction problems that the traditional plate cannot be veneered.

★ trendy fashion. Colorful stone-like paint, easy to update and transform, will always be the youth fashion trend. Completely changed the traditional stone dry hanging frame shape can not be disassembled and changed the trouble.

★ Economical. Colorful imitation stone paint, exquisite cheap, value enjoyment. With the traditional stone dry decoration, most owners will feel that the cost is very expensive and unbearable.

★Convenient construction. Colorful stone-like paint, easy to mold in one spray. There is no need to worry about carving and deliberately sculpting. The natural texture is instantly natural. The simulation rate is over 95%, and it is beautiful and clean.


Product features

1. Multi-color spraying construction easy

2. Demonstrate natural granite particles, imitation granite effect is vivid

3. Pure water-based colorful formula, in line with environmental protection requirements, no pollution during construction

4. High weather resistance, excellent alkali resistance, durability, adhesion, life of more than 20 years

5. Has excellent wear, erosion and UV radiation, anti-static, high temperature, acid rain, washable

6. Strong adhesion, good ductility,  waterproof, mildew

7. Easy to maintain and clean, excellent self-cleaning


Scope of application

Interior walls, exterior walls, Roman columns, profiled beams, lines, etc.


Applicable base

Cement walls, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, glass, ceramic tile, EPS board, FRP, GRC and other cement products can be painted.

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