Rock tablets really stone paint

Water-based alkali-resistant sealing primer - rock stone stone paint background - really stone paint face color - waterborne silicon-acrylic coating.

Water-based self-cleaning nano-tough-enamel is a kind of nanomaterial with photocatalytic activity, including photocatalytic TiO2 and air catalytic titanium phosphate.

Keywords: Architectural coatings


Rock tablets really stone paint

Rock tablets really stone paint


Dishengpian Film Real Stone Paint is a high-grade internal and external wall decorative paint manufactured by the company's introduction of the new technology, which is made of soap-free polymerized pure acrylic silicone resin emulsion, natural color stone and special rock sheets. It can realistically show granite texture. Real stone paint. The luxurious granite real stone paint  overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional real stone paint, which is easy to whiten with water scouring and easy to yellow due to sunlight. It is a rare and durable real stone paint. Can be widely used in cement buildings, wood structures, cardboard, gypsum surface, real stone paint coating can reflect the natural, stable granite texture, the simulation rate of more than 90%. It is easy to construct and is an ideal material for interior and exterior decoration, decoration, craft modeling, and urban sculpture.


Rock sheet paint accessory products

Water-based alkali-resistant sealing primer - rock stone stone paint background - really stone paint face color - waterborne silicon-acrylic coating.



1, the use of natural marble, granite as the base material, can create a variety of patterns and colors;

2, mildew, algae growth, can be applied to the sea and mountainous areas and other climatic conditions;

3, water resistance and excellent scrubbing resistance and stain resistance;

4, natural colors, anti-aging, long service life.


Scope of application

Applicable to large public buildings, such as gyms, museums, conference centers, etc., can also be used for exterior decoration of high-end apartments, office buildings and other buildings.


Construction Program

1. Stir the paint in the tank well before use;

2, apply a special primer again;

3. After the primer is dry for 2-6 hours, it can be sprayed with rock stone to paint the background color twice.

4, spray stone really stone paint face again, thickness: 2-3mm, spray gun pressure: 6-8kg.

5. Use sandpaper to clean and smooth the sharp particles and floating sand on the surface of real stone paint (no sharp corners and loose sand particles), and then use high-pressure gas to blow away dust.

6, after 24-28 hours of drying can be sprayed finish paint again.


Paint consumption: 4-5.5kg/m2 (two times theoretical value).

Construction Tools: Special Stone Paint Spray Gun.

Construction temperature: 5-40 °C.

Storage temperature: 5-35 °C, valid for one year.

Tips: The construction tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Unused paint should be sealed and kept in a cool place.



Item Index
Container status No lump after mixing;
Construction Spraying without difficulty
Low temperature stability Not deteriorating
Drying time Dry≤4h
Coating appearance Normal
Water resistance 96h no exception
Alkali resistance 96h no exception
Coating temperature change 10 cycles without exception
Stain resistance Less than 2 levels after 5 cycles of testing
Resistance to artificial aging / 500h No blistering, no peeling, no cracks
Bonding strength (standard state) ≥0.70MPa


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