Waterborne epoxy floor paint

Water-based epoxy floor coating consists of water-based epoxy resin and curing agent.

Water-based self-cleaning nano-tough-enamel is a kind of nanomaterial with photocatalytic activity, including photocatalytic TiO2 and air catalytic titanium phosphate.

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Waterborne epoxy floor paint

Waterborne epoxy floor paint



Water-based epoxy floor coating consists of water-based epoxy resin and curing agent. It is suitable for the coating of floors, walls or ceilings that require cleanliness, such as food factories, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics factories, paper mills, logistics warehouses, and basements. Can also be used in schools, squares, corridors, shopping malls and lanes, where hardness and wear resistance requirements are high.



Solvent-free, solvent-free epoxy floor coating Advantages: Very high adhesion to many substrates, cured coatings with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, low film shrinkage, high hardness, good wear resistance, Excellent electrical insulation;

Water-based: No organic solvent, energy saving, no pollution, and environmental protection requirements. Water is used as a dispersion medium. It has a small odor and is nonflammable. The safety during storage, transportation, and use is guaranteed.

Wide application environment: It can be used in room temperature and humid environment, excellent permeability, no bubbling, no peeling, no cracking, make up for solvent and solvent-free epoxy flooring paint sensitive to water vulnerability;

Easy to use: The construction performance is good. Water can be added directly to adjust the construction viscosity. The construction tools can be cleaned directly with water and the construction cost can be reduced.

Strong decorative: The surface is smooth and smooth, and the gloss is semi-glossy, matte type, and many colors are available for selection;

Reasonable price: With the same price of solvent, solvent-free epoxy floor coating.


Technical indicators

Pilot projects Technical indicators Test results
Coating status Even without a hard block Qualified
Coating appearance Smooth and smooth Qualified
Drying time Dry(25℃) ≤4 h 1 h 30 min
Hard work(25℃) ≤24 h 19 h
Wear resistance(750g/500r),g ≤0.04 0.0014
Adhesion (level) ≤1 1
Hardness (pendulum method) ≥0.6 0.79
Contrast ratio ≥0.87 0.88
Gloss(%) ≥30 42
Impact resistance 40Kgcm no cracks, wrinkles and peeling 50Kgcm no cracks, wrinkles and peeling
Water resistance 96h no exception Qualified
Alkali resistance(10%NaOH) 96h no exception Qualified
Salt water resistance(10%NaCl) 96h no exception Qualified


Construction Notes

The humidity is lower than 85%, the optimal temperature is 15 to 35°C, and good ventilation is maintained;

The plains must be smooth and rough, and the floating dust and old coatings must be removed to achieve a strength of more than C25, and water treatment must be carried out without water accumulation.

When the two components of the paint are formulated, they must be accurately weighed and mixed according to the proportion. The materials after stirring must be used within the applicable period;

No cross-contamination shall be allowed during the use of paint, and unmixed materials shall be sealed and stored;

Maintenance 7-10 days after construction can be used.


Packaging, storage and transportation

Primer and middle coating: A(5KG)+B(15KG) ratio: A:B=1:3

   Top coat: A(3KG)+B(18KG) ratio: A:B=1:6

Closed storage and transportation, avoid high temperature, direct sunlight and freezing, storage period is a leap year.

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